Below you will find a list of terminology used regularly here at Truckee Surplus


End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV): A car or truck that has reached its' demise either through normal wear and tear or a severe collision. In some instances a well-operating or close to well-operating car or truck can become an ELV at the discretion of its' owner.

Self-Service Auto Recycler (SSAR): An automotive recycling retail location where end-of-life vehicles are neatly arranged in banks of rows by origin (domestic, european, asian) or body style (full size truck, suv, sedan) for the general public to remove and purchase parts. Customers must use their own tools and sometimes pay a small entry fee. Pricing is fixed by part type. Inventory is replenished regularly with vehicles remaining available for 30-120 days on average before they are processed for their core metal value. SSARs are unique in that they generally deal in model years ranging from 10 to 40 years old. 

Full-Service Auto Recycler (FSAR): An automotive recycling location that primarily serves the collision and repair industry. The make-up of this inventory is 10 years old and newer on average. FSARs will sell to the general public but your part will be removed by the operation itself. Since the vehicles served by FSARs are usually still financed, and as a result more valuable, parts are more expensive here than what you will find at a SSAR. 

Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR): The byproducts of the automotive metals recycling process. These byproducts include all the materials deemed useless within the industry such as foam, plastic, rubber, and glass. It is estimated that 50% of ASR is converted into alternative fuels or recycled, the other half is landfilled.

Original Equipment (OE) Auto Part: An auto part that was used during the original manufacture of an automobile. OE auto parts represent optimum form, fit, and function within the industry and therefore carry greater value when used in auto repair or restoration. While many OE parts carry the automaker's logo and part number, some OE auto parts are supplied by Tier 1 suppliers who use their own part numbering systems. For example, not every OE part is imprinted with "Ford", "Mercedes", or "Volvo".



A-Grade Used Auto Part: An OE auto part that will perform as originally designed and shows only minor aesthetic wear from respectful prior ownership.

The use of "A-Grade" is not unique to Truckee Surplus but has been adapted and refined from the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) Parts Grading and Description Guidelines where their system is used to improve communication between recyclers and those in the automotive collision, mechanical, and insurance industry. The ARA's interpretation of "A-Grade" is a bit more general but still serves as an indication of the highest quality used part.

3/4 Throttle: The ideal velocity of work applied at Truckee Surplus. Inspired by engine tuning or racing, running at "3/4 Throttle" provides enough commitment to stay engaged and moving forward at a productive pace without the exponential risks realized when running at constant "Wide-Open-Throttle" (WOT). "3/4 Throttle" leaves enough throw beneath the pedal to accelerate when needed and enough above the pedal to decelerate without losing control. 

The Sweet 13™: The most valuable piece of forecasting intelligence at Truckee Surplus. Human insight that provides guidance into making predictive and adaptive auto parts buying decisions for ELVs ranging from 10 to 40 years old.